“Do not wait hours till other pages update your stats... be smart, use WoTCharts!”

Players in database: 56341
Clans in database: 501
Size of database: 16091.869999999999 MB
Number of records: 7207854


WotCharts.eu is a stat tracking page for the game World of Tanks (EU server only), this site contains many advanced features such as WN8 Progress tracker, WN8 by tier, WN8X - new special metric, detailed per vehicle statistics, you can search and view advanced staistics about clans as well. You can search and filter clans by nations, you can sort clans by multiple values! You can view top 500 wot clans as well. The web was originaly designed for the community around popular Czech streamer marty_vole.

Created by Dakado24 head developer of MultiMine.cz hosting.

Main features:

- New: Tank session stats - you can see which tanks you played in your last session (you do not need to install YasenKrasen now :D)
- Stats are always updated right after the battle so you dont need sessions stats mod!

- The only page that can filter clans by country!
- WN8X - New metric which has better values to compare players and clans!
- Custom WN8 progress and WN8 calculator
- Very detailed TOP Clans sections which you can sort by multiple values
- Very detailed clan profile view
- Very advanced clan activity tracking (clan battles, elo, rating, winrates in skirmishes...)
- Very advanced clan members statistics
- Web originally designed for _VOLE clan, but its fully translated to english
- Server statistics and peak cuncurrent players online numbers + record tracking!

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